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27 -28 October

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About the Event

learn how to hyper scale your online brand

Learn how to optimize funnels with customer-first conversion methodology that uses data and emotional analysis to help you grow your conversions, leads and sales.

Learn how to create demand for your products with social paid Ads. Fully automatic. More customers, less costs, more returns.

Learn how to optimize the conversion rate of all your digital channels. Get more conversions from your sales funnels with a data-driven approach.

Learn from serial entrepreneurs, who have scaled several 9 figure businesses.

Learn all about next-gen eCommerce technologies that can help scale your store.

"This program helped me gain the clarity I needed to go from 2 long term coaching clients to 6 in under 3 months just by rewording my landing page, utilizing emotion in my marketing messages, and focusing my calls to action and website on one key action. This program has paid for itself over and over again. Don’t hesitate, just jump in.”
"With this experience, I got to see the true influence a brand can really achieve...she also showed me the how-to's of marketing and public relations work every step of the way! I will never forget the lessons that I learned...."
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