Oct 27th 3:00 EST
3:45 EST

SMS as a Marketing and Support Channel for Your eCommerce Store

Alex Beller

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Alex will speak about why SMS marketing works as a revenue generator and how to get started using SMS for both marketing and support. SMS marketing is the most personal outreach marketing channel, but there are some things to consider before you start using it. Leveraging SMS is becoming more and more crucial to getting the desired ROI from your marketing campaigns. It can also be used for support and customer success; SMS can help you improve customer retention and therefore revenue.

Things to be covered:

  • SMS is a top-3 revenue generating marketing channel
  • ReallyGoodTexts.com is a readymade SMS swipe file resource
  • SMS beats MMS in terms of ROI
  • SMS marketing is highly regulated in the US
  • Humanizing your messaging tone helps you build a connect
  • Timing and frequency of messages need to be strategized
  • SMS lists can grow off-website as well

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