Oct 27th 4:30 EST
5:15 EST

Top Secret Apps To Scale Your Online Store

Derric Haynie

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The Shopify app ecosystem has thousands of apps designed to help you launch and grow your store... And that's the problem. Having researched and launched stores himself and the fact that his entire job relies on understanding the Shopify app ecosystem better than anyone else, Derric has compiled a recommended list of tools to scale any business. Tools that every Shopify store should be using.Come to this webinar to learn:How to Understand The Shopify App Ecosystem - there are two main types of apps KPI driven tools and time saving tools.How to Choose the Right Shopify Apps For Your Store - When looking for a tool that fits with your store, what are the 6 questions you need to prioritizeAnd finally, what are the apps that every Shopify store should be using and what are the new up-and-coming tools that few know about but all really should.

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